Food in Myanmar

Shan Style Rice mixed with Fish

This is very popular food from Shan state (race in eastern part of Myanmar) and you can found this food in many cities in Myanmar. Cooked sticky Shan rice is mixed with bone remove fish curry and homemade Shan tomato paste. Fresh leek and “Ju” root is nice blend of this delicious food.


River catfish - 160 g
Tomato - 4
Potato - 3
Allium Hookeri - a few
Leek - 3
Garlic - 10 big claves
Oil - 1 teacup
Rice - 1 cup
Salt - 2 tablespoon
Chicken power - 2 tablespoon
Dried crush chilli - 2 tablespoon
The following is the instruction of how to cook step by step in English
  1. Boil fish with 1 teaspoon of salt and reasonable amount of water. After fish is cooked, cool it down and separate the bones from it.
  2. Boil potatoes and tomatoes and cool them down
  3. Panfry the crushed garlics with a lot of oil. Fry dried crushed chili using the same pan with 1 tablespoon of oil.
  4. Crush the potatoes andpeel tomatoes from step 2. Slice tomatoes until it turns into paste as shown in the picture.
  5. Add fish, pan-fried oily garlic, potatoes and tomatoes to hot steamed rice for mixing.
  6. You may also add allium hookeri and leek after rinsing and slicing them into small pieces.
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Posted Date : 01-May-2014