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Spicy Fish Soup and Rice Noodle

Myanmar people very love to have this rice noodle soup. Mostly women and girls love to eat this snack which is a Rakhine special recipe and very suitable to eat in rainy season because you will feel warm feeling after you have one bowl.


Catfish - some
Lemon grass - 1
Fish sauce - 1 table spoon
Myanmar Chilli powder - 1/2 table spoon
Galingale - 1/2 tea spoon
Grind garlic - 80 g
Perserved fish paste - 1 table spoon
The following is the instruction of how to cook step by step in English
  1. Clean the fish then boil them with fish sauce and lemon grass. The water level must be just about 1 cm above the fish inside.
  2. When it boils, cool it down. Separate the meat from bones.  Let the water used in boiling fish cool down.
  3. Make mixture of preserved fish paste and water. Then boil it until the bubbles are formed and filter just the liquid using a sieve.
  4. Add the mixture obtained in step 3 into leftover water from step 2 and boil them together for the soup.
  5. For the soup to be thick, crumble the fish into flat pieces. Then put them into the soup.
  6. Add water of amount you like to the soup. Close the lid and let the soup boil.
  7. Add pepper, galingale powder and crushed garlics and keep boiling it for approximately 20 more minutes. The flavour can be slightly rich and salty due to preserved fish paste and fish sauce, but it can be sweet at the same time for having the tender fish. You may add more salt  if it is necessary. When you are happy with the taste, you may turn the stove off and soup is done.
  8. Prepare fried catfish cakes. Mix grind catfish with ginger, grind garlics and salt. Shape them into small circular pieces. It is more convenient and time-saving if you shape catfish with the wet hands. Then deep fry the pieces and let them cool on oil absorbent material.
  9. Boil green chilli slowly and dry fry them. Crush them slightly later. Prepare corianders by cutting into short lengths. 
  10. To prepare tamarind paste, rinse tamarinds with hot water to get the dirt off. Dissolve tamarinds in hot water for a few minutes. Crush tamarinds by hand when they are soft enough. Squeeze and filter them for the paste.
  11. To prepare the aromatic fried garlics, slice garlics into extremely thin pieces. Gently pan-fry them at lowest flame level until they start to be yellowish. Don't wait for them to be brownish which mean they are overly cooked and burnt.
  12. Organise all the ingredients as shown in the picture.
Get everything into one plate and add chilli paste if you favour the spicy taste. Finally, pour the soup on top and enjoy!
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Posted Date : 01-May-2014