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Note:: Some of the places in Myanmar are not available to visitor all year round.  
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Myanmar is an ethnically diverse nation with 135 distinct ethnic groups. These are grouped into eight "major national ethnic races. They have own language, culture and customs. Some with their own literature. It has all the different style music and dances of different national races.
Kyaukse Elephant Dance
Dance of Bamar People
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Dancing Elephant Festival is also another famous festival in Myanmar.


It is held in Kyauks...

Zawgyi dance
Dance of Bamar People
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Zawgyi is a Burmese folk character adept in the art of alchemy. He is said to have gained his supernatural skills through occult me...

Zat pwe duet dance
Dance of Bamar People
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All-night performances, which combine melodrama, slapstick, traditional dance, and even pop music are called "zat pwe" in...

Ramayana dances
Dance of Bamar People
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In 1767, King Hsinbyushin of the Konbaung dynasty brought back Siamese captives to the Inwa (Ava), the kingdom’s capital. Amo...

Oil lamp dance
Dance of Bamar People
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In the oil lamp dance, the traditional oil lamp offered to the Lord Buddha is a lighted wick of cotton soaked in an oil-filled eart...

Nat dance
Dance of Bamar People
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In Burma, it is traditional to make an offering of a green coconut, three hands of bananas, and a few other accessories, to the Gua...

Kinnara and kinnari dance
Dance of Bamar People
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There are many references in the Pali and Sanskrit literature to the mythical birds with human head and torso, Kinnara (male) and K...

Bilu Dance
Dance of Bamar People
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The bilus (demons or ogres) are ancient characters, thought to originate from a legendary race that roamed India and Burma circa 2000 BC. Buddhist lit...
Bagan Dance
Dance of Bamar People
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This dance originates from the time of the Pyu kingdoms (5th-10th century). A small number of relatively crude musical instruments ...

Dance of Burma
Dance of Bamar People
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Dance in Burma (now known as Myanmar by the government there) can be divided into dramatic, folk and village, and ...

Hsaing Waing (Myanmar Orchestra)
Dance of Bamar People
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The hsaing waing (also spelt saing waing) is a traditional Burmese folk musical...

Burmese Music
Dance of Bamar People
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The music of Burma has similarities with and is related to many other musical traditions in the region, including ...

The Kainari and Kainara Dance
Dance of Shan People
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The Kainari and Kainara duet bird dance is performed on auspicious occasions such as eating the new crop festivals and festivals ...

The Dance of Pilgrimage to the Sandaw Shin Pagoda
Dance of Rakhine People
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At the Rakhine State, pagodas can be seen on top of most hills. Of these pagodas, the Sandaw Shin Pagoda (wherein Buddha's hair is ...

Sama Gwek Duet Dance
Dance of Mon People
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In the early Suwunna Burnt period, the Sama Gwek Dance was performed inside palaces to glorify the kings and their royal families...

U Shwe Yoe and Daw Moe dance
Dance of Bamar People
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Rather than a classic, this dance is an example of contemporary Burmese folk art. The dance has appeared out of the custom of enter...

Sawng Vat Dance
Dance of Chin People
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Chin nationals have realised the bountiful wealth of the motherland and felt a deep gratitude towards it since their time of sett...

Doan dance
Dance of Karen People
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If one were to name the dance which best represents the life and beauty of the Kayin people, it is the Doan dance. It is a joyful...

Manau dance
Dance of Kachin People
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The manau dance is a traditional ceremony of the Kachin (or Jingpo) people of northern Myanmar (Burma), Yunnan, China and Arunchal ...

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