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2012 Hotter than Before
Dec 08, 2011 Source : Popular News Journal
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"Due to Global Warming and Climate Change, Myanmar Annual Rain fall reduced, Temperature raised, coming 2012 may be hotter than before," said Dr. Tun Lwin, the Meteorologist at Green Generation Gathering Fair held in Pyin Oo Lwin.
         "Every year rainfall down, temperature up events has already been occurred since 1978 till update," he said.
          "History shows the Year 2009 became hotter than 2008; 2010 hotter than 2009; 2011 hotter than 2010. I guess 2012 may be hotter than 2011," he continued.
          "According to the “Law of Conservation of Energy,” in normal weather condition year to year it may perhaps a little difference in rainfall."
          "Meteorology-based 30-yr-average is only one result, the same may be coming 30 years but it happens not the same today."
          "Temperature and Rainfall increase yearly all around the world and also it happens in areas Myanmar year by year," he said.
          According to Temperature Records, world temperature including Myanmar is increasing.
          In May Myanmar temperature may rise, especially mid-Myanmar the most, and up to 2030 temperature may increase in the range of 1.5 to 1.65, he guessed.

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