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First Sule Pagoda Festival Myanmar Zat Show Permit in 20 Years
Jan 23, 2012 Source : Flower News Journal
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First Sule Pagoda Festival Myanmar Zat (Drama) Show was permitted in 20 Years.
        “No Drama Pwe held Pagoda Festival passed for 20 years. This year 100 Year Anniversary to be a special, Myanmar Drama (Zat) input.”
        “Previously not dare to take security; now a new reform I would like to do special,” said U San Win, Office Head from Sule Pagoda Trustee Board.
        Moe Min Zat would perfom 5  nights from 19th to 23rd January in the Festival and the Zat Group would donate 4 Lakh Kyat per day for Pagoda Fund Raising Capital.
        Moreover In Sule Pagoda Festival “Non-silent Reciting Seven Buddha Abidahhmar Kyan Preaches” from 20th to 28th January; “Dhamma Puzar Ceremony” from 24th to 28th, Free Health Merit Service from 25th to 29th January; 100 Year “Buddha Puzaniya Opening Ceremony,” and Raw Rice Donation for 180 monks and 50 nuns at 3 pm on 29th January, was found.
        Sule Pagoda Photo scenes for over a hundred years would be displayed in the Festival Days.

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