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Five South-East Nations Including Myanmar Top Disaster Risks Potential Due to Climate Change
Nov 02, 2011 Source : Weekly Eleven Journal
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Due to Climate Change among Top Disaster Potential Nations were 5 South-East Nations including Myanmar was enlisted in the List of Leveling Serial on 193 Nations by Maplecrop, a Disaster Observation Group in Great Britain.
        According to Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI), Africa and South Asia Countries were the most Top potential for Disaster Risks due to Climate Change.
        Among the Top 30 Disaster Risks Potential Nations, Bangladesh, India and Democratic Congo (DRC) stood the Top, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia 5 Countries included.
        One of the great reasons why those 5 Nations became involvement in Top 30 were Sea Level rise and Horrible Tropical Storm Disasters occurrence, it was said.
        Due to Drought, Storms Hit, Wild Forest Fire Facts, Water condition, Crops loss, Soil loss Potential were basically calculated. Among Top 30, Africa Countries two third and the rest Developing Countries were found.
        Weak Economy, Health Care Insecurity, Corruptions in Administration set as the Cause for Powerful Disaster Impact and so they were also considered.
        Iceland, Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Estonia stood top for the Least Disaster Impact Countries.
        Among the Least Disaster Risks countries except Qatar and Bahrain, other countries were from North and Central Europe.
         China stood in Medium Stage; USA in Less Disaster Risks List.
        According to calculation estimated on Cities for Disaster Risks Potential, Dakar, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Manila, Calcutta, Chittagong stood the top including Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi from India.

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