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Free Funeral Service Society FFSS (Yangon) Founded Flood Victims 200 Lakh Kyat
Nov 12, 2011 Source : 7 Day News Journal
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“Free Funeral of Service Society FFSS (Yangon) founded 200 Lakh Kyat for delivering Consumer Goods and Edibles to Victims suffered flood on 19th and 20th October of Heavy rainfalls which Villages located near Pakokku, Myaing vicinity,” said U Kyaw Thu, Chairman of the Society.  
“On 25th October evening, we went there places and villages mainly where not any a rescue-arrival and sent goods donate the needy by Pilot Rescue Team, donating edibles and consumer goods in hand. If money were donated, nothing could be purchased, so we did not donate money,” U Kyaw Thu said.
FFSS Located at Sayardaw U Kaw Thala, Sanit-thit Pha Hto Dait Monastery in Pakokku and enquired flood victims’ villages that they did not get any help yet.
Chaung Nar, Tat Kone, Tin Thaun, Ohn Daw (Myaut Su), Naung Win Pauk, Tan Su, Letpan Hla Villages were donated in hand rice, salt, salt, cooking bowls, plates, spoons and blankets by Secretary Daw Myint Myint Khin Phay et.al Team.
“For the donation, Myanmar from Malaysia donated FFSS (Yangon) 40 Lakh Kyat on 1st November including donors abroad over 90 persons participated in donation money and donation to Victims would be preceded,” U Kyaw Thu said.

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