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Just Like Ngapali
Mar 10, 2011 Source : Pyi Myanmar Journal
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           Layers of rock how beautiful the photo it is. If you think it is Ngapali, it is wrong. It is only a beach at Nat Kan sea-beach village located in Taung Goke Township at Rakhine State. There lies Elephant-bird  Mountain (Nhgat Sin Local name) and also natural rocks, rocky plates, water-filled rocks.
            The Elephant-bird Mountain is nominated as its shape huge enough as elephant size in the shape of the bird. Nat Yay Kan Village is termed as once there Nats(Spirits) created a lake, then named Nat Lake/Kan Local name. As Ngapali beach has the term Ngapali due to its Ngapali Village, Nat-built Lake at the village cause to have the term Nat Kan. On the beach non-edible cabs so small as beans Local term “Ba-lee” sea crabs seem as a beautiful painting. 
            As people have relax and recreation in Ngapali, it is a place where visitors to Taung Goke arrive the Elephant-bird Mountain namely as second Ngapali. Shades and shadows of trees and rocks with silent background make it a serene haven. You can enjoy climbing to the mountain and pay homage to the Buddha located on mountain monastery. Boat drive takes two hour from Taung Goke to the beach which located very close to the open sea.     

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