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Kachin Eimawboon Mountain Range Should be Conserved as Natural Forest Reserve
Jan 20, 2012 Source : Popular News Journal
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“Kachin Eimawboon Mountain Range enriched with Biodiversity, Watershed Management of the May Kha River, should be conserved as Natural Forest Reserve,” said Biodiversity Conservation Experts.
          "The Region was enriched with various biodiversity, and according to its Topography, adjoined to the Ayarwady due to its source being the May Kha River Watershed.”
          “All vicinity round namely the Ayarwady; however its Conservation were made in Lower River, if Upper River were not conserved, it would be meaningless," said U Ngwe Lwin, Project Manager of Myanmar Monkey sp. Conservation Project from the Association BANCA.
          The region is 2400 sp. mile wide. Besides snub-nose monkey, other endangered species Panda, Red Bear, Takin (Tharmin_  Local Name) , (Kyaung Thalin_  Local Name), Rare species Temmincks Tragopan and other biodiversity were abundant, U Ngwe Lwin.
        Afterwards  ilegal logging, overexploitation resulted deforestation more affected.
          Creatures existence depend on Forests. Moreover Transport Trend upgrade threaten flora and fauna survival.
          Overexploitation in region, mining collapse mountains, hunting yo be  prohibited, Natural Forest Resource or Sanctuary works to be developed, were considered.
          BANCA Chairman U Htin Hla said, “the region were conserved as Sanctuary not only to protect the endangered wildlife but also to conserve the watershed of the River Ayarwady where millions of people use ," he said.
          "While sp. were gradually extinct, if they were conserved and a single sp. Remain is like the conservation of Human Life Safeguard."
          "Each and every flora and fauna are living beings, so all are of great value."
          "World has a little interest on that region was noticed, it is essential to be conserved," he continued.
          Therefore Eimawboon Mountain should be conserved as Natural Forest Reserve that would be a statement in February last week Myanmar Monkey Reserve Program Worship, was heard.

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