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Living on the Ayarwady Migratory Fishermen Became More
Jan 19, 2012 Source : Weekly Eleven Journal
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In Myanmar nationwide among many fishermen, Migratory Fishermen living on the Ayarwady River became more was found.
          Migratory Fishermen are nomads who sleep, eat and home on boats as professionals whose no region defined and those people drifting downstream, upstream they wander around along the river.
          Migratory Fishermen live in groups or families or individual workers.
          They make roofs on fish-boats with fishnets, equipments and beddings, they live on search for fish.
          Traveler fishermen were mostly found at Upper Thabeik Kyin, Htee Gyait, Ka-thar, Shwe Goo Townships.
          "It is not that easy the work fishing, netting, keeping nets take the whole day and we have to take care not to be bumped or bump with boats and ship-fans too.
          "We return home once a year, and save cash all along the whole year.”
          "We could do this profession only. So what else could we able to do?
          "Some fishermen are with the whole family including children. We have no chance to land at city jetties, so after work we have to anchor our boat nearby islands."
          "Anyway, thanks for what we have the chance to do self-living," said a Migratory Fisherman.

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