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More Tourists Archive Pakkokku Pagoda 100-year-old Ornamental Backup Art
Apr 28, 2011 Source : Bi-weekly journal
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100-year-old Ornamental Backup Art in Pakkokku Pagoda campus is archived by visitor Tourists more today, said the news.  “Image sculpture of Buddha, Yahandar, Nat, Byirmar, Minister senior and junior, dancer, people, animal, all were curved in one solid wood delicately and its art interested by tourists. Visitors came archiving its fine art.”
“Wood thickness 6.2 inch, decorated in 8 layers, so one layer less than 1 inch average. This very fine art in Shwe Gu is the most attractive spot and a very good art, was recognized by Foreigner researchers. Whoever visit to Pakkoku, used to visit the Shwe Gu art, and record it as the world great art,” said Dr. Thet Lwin, Historian author.         

He continued, “Pakkoku region has been emerged sorts of Myanmar King tradition and art through ancestors in generations since Pre-Pyu Period till nowadays. Shwe Gu ornamental art  is a wonder of the world.”

8 layered 4 story-telling on 5 blocks of Ya-ma-nay wood, and 12 illustrations continuously were defined by sculptures on this Shwe Gu ornament of totally images_ 136 human, 18 birds and animals on it, not in separated but incessantly curved in 4D view on only one wood.

The art was conducted for four years by Sculpture-master U Kan Gyi and son Maung Tay. Finish year Myanmar 1269 (English year 1908), month Myanmar Tabaung ( English month March),was seen in archived records.

Handcraft skill was honored in the value of 2 viss of Gold equivalent to 4,000 Myanmar Kyat that one tickal of gold cost to 20 Kyat rate these days. Donor of this material was Daw See, Monastery donor who lived in Zay Haung Quarter, Pakkoku Township.

The ornamental sculpture Shwe Gu was of height 12 ft 10 inch and width 5 ft 10 inch, backup to Standing Buddha Stupa of 5 feet 2 inch height, was heard.
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