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Nerve-related Disease Occurred in Over 40 Persons in Rakhine Villages
Nov 02, 2011 Source : 7 Day News Journal
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In some Villages in Gwa, Kyain Tali Townships in Rakhine State, a strange disease which symptom showed Feeble at Lower parts of the Human body in over 40 persons was found.
        In present this break-out disease was being watched as if the case were caused by Polio Wild Bacteria or not by the respective Department of Health.
        The disease occurred one month ago in 1-2 persons but nowadays male, female and children totally 45 persons round suffered from the strange disease.
        “Disease was not clearly diagnosed yet but the symptom was first swollen and big calf, next nerves became weak, then lower parts nearly paralyzed; it happened in 45 persons in one day was informed to Village Administrator,” said Daw Nya Nya, a Businessperson who implemented a factory in the Village.
        The most impact suffered from the disease was Ra-haing Koo-tote Village 5 miles far from Gwa Township and its most people livelihood was Fishery.
        Therefore treatment was provided by Doctors from Gwa Township Hospital and they were watching out proceeding conditions.
        When the Hospital Superintendent was asked for the case it occurred, he said,”Yes, disease happened and they were treated. The type was Nervous Feeble Problem; no In-patients but detail would be informed after we reported to our Superiors.”
        Though its cause was not identified yet, some local residents said that habited regional fishermen used to have too much salty fish and dried fish and their extreme weakness of Behavior and Personal Hygiene.”
        “In present the patients were urine and blood-tested but have not got diagnosis yet made unknown the cause of the case,” said Dr. Tin Tin Yi from Gwa Township Department of Health.
        From Gwa Township Department of Health to the respective Departments of Health, information would be sent out at any time.
        According to the message 2 children from Kyain Tali Township and 1-2 persons suffered from the disease in some other Villages.
        “No clear information we got yet. As children involved, Polio Protection Medicine Treatment and also B 1 was provided,” said Dr. Tin Tin Yi.
        Present conditions were informed to the respective Departments; Nay Pyi Taw Department of Health would examine the Villages.
        “It was Infectious Disease, we heard because the disease occurrence was found here and then there we got worried so much,” said an inhabitant Daw Nitar.
        One month ago, the disease happened in 1-2 persons but these days male, female and children totally 45 persons round suffered  from the strange disease was found when Department of Health made check-ups for this case.

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