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Non-withdraw Passports in Limited Period will be cancelled
Sep 23, 2011 Source : Flower News Journal
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Non-withdraw Passports in Limited Period will be cancelled, said Passport Delivery Office.
        There are many persons of non-withdraw Passports and remain lifetime over one year Original Handwriting Books would not be delivered.
        Moreover among remain books to be delivered by MRP Computer System whose books applied for 2010 would not be withdrawal at the End of 2011, said the Office.
        “There are many non-withdraw Passport applicants. In 2008-2009 Original Handwriting Old Passport Books non-withdrawal were over 60, 000; Computer System Books over 40, 000.”
        “When its reasons of dismiss withdraw was examined, Not finish paid Tax for Form 19; Book-applied but failed in Health Test for Foreign Trip; Regional inhabitants applied Books in Yangon got back to Yangon; Applicants who lost receipts  were found,” said a responsible person from the office and that made a burden such as Book-keeping and Space Scarcity.
        “After Passport Book application one should respectably withdraw self-Passport Book otherwise keeping may give a burden for the Department. Those non-withdraw applicants within a limited period should pay fine,” said a Passport taker.
       The Passport Delivery Office is carrying out applicants get Passport Delivery in order to be convenient from 3-0moth-duration before, reduced to one month and nowadays within 3-week-period.

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