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Rescue team found jerkin and mountaineering glasses of missing mountaineer
May 14, 2019 Source : Daily Eleven
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A rescue team of Myanmar Hiking and Mountaineering Association found the jerkin and mountaineering glasses reportedly belonging to Seint Htet, who went missing since April 12 in a mountaineering trip to Mount Phangran Razi in Kachin State, said Nan Kaythi Khaing, leader of the rescue team during a press conference held at Central Hotel in Yangon on May 12.

The fund to found the body of Seint Htet is raised by Kyin Oo, Vice President of the Myanmar Hiking and Mountaineering Association and they founded a rescue committee consists of 15 members.

The rescue team left Putao to Mount Phangran Razi on April 26, she said.

Heavy rain poured down after four days and water level in stream increased which prevented them to continue their journey. Only some members of the team continued their journey, she said.

The rescuers didn’t find her body but spotted her jerkin and mountaineering glasses.

“Although the rescue team usually goes within 24 hours, the rescue efforts are delayed. However we went quickly after we made a decision to rescue her. The possibility to find her alive is very narrow. We have one per cent of hope to find her alive,” she said.

The jerkin and mountaineering glasses are kept at Putao police station as evidence.

Maung Maung Lay, father of the missing girl, is planning to sue the leader of the Summiter amateur climbing team.

“I am still waiting to see whether the authorities will take action on them or not. I will decide whether to sue them or not,” he said.

The 20-member climbing team left Putao to climb Mount Phangran Razi on April 6 and reached the summit on April 12. She slipped and fell to the ravine, the Summiter amateur climbing team posted in their Facebook page.

An official from the Myanmar Hiking and Mountaineering Association said the Summiter climbing team didn’t inform about their trip to Mount Phangran Razi.

The ice-capped Mount Phangran Razi is 14,095 feet in height.

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