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Snakes Purchase Pursuit, Mice Happy
Dec 26, 2011 Source : Popular News Journal
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In villages of Nahtoe Gyi Township, snakes over-purchase from China caused snakes rare; mice happy were being faced the villagers, said local residents.
          People from China came and bought snakes from last 4 years, scarce snakes caused mice plentiful.
         This year Peanut Harvest time, they destroyed plantations.
          “Mice appeared after monsoon that we have never seen before. The cause was scarcity of snakes. Previous times, snakes even came into houses, nowadays they were seen few,” said Natural
          Environment Conservationist Ko Naing Htoo Aung from Nat Htoe Gyi.
          This year the weather was fine, and famers expected peanut product high but as mice destructed peanut plantations only a half of expected product they got,” said Ko Naing Htoo Aung.
          As many mice were found in Na Htoe Gyi, fertilizer shops got a pretty good sale of mice pesticides.
          “Previously no sale of mice-killers, this year sale was so good but it was start used nowadays only, we could not guess side-effect outcome for fields and environment,” he added.
         From 7-8 years ago, Chinese came into Na Htoe Gyi and bought Ingyin rocks in good price, snakes and other local products they bought. Now snakes became rare, they bought gecko.

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