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Suspension Bridge Potential 3 Spots for Yangon-Dala Selected
Dec 05, 2011 Source : Weekly Eleven Journal
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“Crossing the Yangon River in order to build the Yangon-Dala Bridge, 3 spots potential were initiatively selected; among them one would be confirmed and constructed; Suspension Bridge more potential,” said the Department of Road and Bridge,  Yangon City Development Committee YCDC.
        As aimed to develop Dala Township more, YCDC discussed with Korea Co. for Yangon-Dala connection Suspension Bridge or Underwater Channel.
        End November last Meeting YCDC with the above mentioned Korea Company, 3 places were initiatively allocated for construction and Suspension Bridge more potential,” was found.
        “To construct Suspension Bridge more potential was discussed. 3 possible spots were Phone Gyi Road (Lanmadaw), Shwedagon Pagoda Road and Pansodan Road.”
        “To consider Bridge Suspension, Bridge-approach Road has to be considered.”
        “As its Bridge a River-cross, its elevation from water level may be high enough to cross ships that could not decide urgent, time needy to consider. Mainly it is aimed to develop Dala than present,” said a responsible man from the Department of Road and Bridge, Yangon City Development Committee YCDC.
        In present, conveyors are ship-ferry, ferry boats for Yangon- Dala.  Pansodan Port is the important point for connection Yangon - Dala.
        “If Yangon to Dala Connection Bridge were made, Communication and Transport may be better rapid,” said the responsible person.
       Previously Lanmadaw, Kine-dan, Bar-gayar, etc. Roads near the River in Yangon that could connect to Dala Side Suspension Bridge-making plans were discussed but not implemented yet was found.

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