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Today Myanmar Betel Consumption Rate More than Previous High Intake India and Nepal
Nov 16, 2011 Source : Weekly Eleven Journal
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Today Myanmar Virginia included Betel consumption is much more than previous high intake countries, said in the Ceremony of Advocacy Meeting to Promote Awareness on Tobacco Control/ Cessation among Allied Health Professional Discussion.
         Myanmar Betel consumption rate in present is much more than in the past high Betel intake countries India, Bangladesh and Nepal, and not only male, female consumer rate higher was found.
         According to the WHO list, among Top 6 Betel Consumer Countries, Myanmar Consumption rate the First 51.4 %, India 32.9%, Bangladesh 26.4%, Sri Lanka 24.9%, Thai 1.3%, were found.
        “Virginia leaves were consumed as tobacco smoking as well as betel chewing.”
        “Variety of consuming types of Virginia was enlisted of countries to WHO.”
        “Betel Consumption rate higher countries in the past, India and Bangladesh were being overtaken by Myanmar consumption on Betel was found.”
        “After 2006, regulations concerned to cigar in Myanmar become more restricted. As cigar consumption was controlled, Betel use behavior was transformed.”
        “As Prohibited places became more, Betel consumption has become a habit that they substituted Betel in spite of cigar even for cigar cut self-control.”
        “At that substitution, some become addicted to betel but some persons addicted to both,” said Dr. Myo Pyaing, National Professional Officer from WHO (Myanmar).
        According to Myanmar Culture in rural, it is accustomed to be hospitable the guests with betel, cigar and green tea.
        According to observation of Health Experts, later not only adults male and female but also teenagers’ consumption became much more was found.
        Among Tooth and Mouth Diseases, Gum Cancer was the most occurred disease due to Betel consumption; Virginia-coated betel repletion for a long time in cheek cavity could cause membrane in mouth metabolism changes and Mouth Diseases and Gum Consumer happened the most,” said Dr. Ko Ko Maung, the Retired Departmental Head and Professor.

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