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Unarchived Icefish Six sp. Found in the Maykha
Jan 21, 2012 Source : Popular News Journal
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“In the Maykha River, Kachin Stat, Myit Sone Dam Project vicinity Environmental Impact Assessment EIA Period, 6 Icefish sp. non-archived was found,” said U Zaw Lun (Marine Biologist) from BANCA.
       "Ice fish found in Putaoo was in record by the Department of Fishery. Now fish sp. Viewed were not new sp., Not-recorded Icefish sp. As they were not studied yet, so they were not recorded yet."
       "Many more study if would do, we could find more," said U Zaw Lun.
       The six Icefish species were Schizo Thorax Chongi, Grahni, Meridionalli, Myzostomu, Richardsonii, and Wangchiachii."
       Among them, Grahni Icefish, the most endangered sp. was found in China, Yunan Province.
       Regan recorded it by the name of Kuming Snout Trout in 1904 of the Ice fish found in the Maykha.
       "Icefish found in the Maykha River is very valuable. There are many Icefish there even we have not searched yet in the Upper Maykha but there we get valuable records in Myanmar Biodiversity," he said.
       There is 12' Temperature in the Maykha River in the Northern Kachin State whilst 14'C in the Malikha River so that 2'C difference, was found.
      Temperature is greatly important for fish. In the Maykha River not only Icefish but also other sp. not recorded yet in the list were found.

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