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Underground Water Consumption Control in Yangon Learnt from Bangkok
Nov 23, 2011 Source : Popular News Journal
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Over extract of Underground water and consumption resulted a case caused Ground level decline in Bangkok, Thailand.
        “Bangkok experience was a lesson learnt and consumption from extract of Yangon Groundwater would be controlled,” said a responsible person (water and sanitation WATSAN) the Department of Engineering YCDC officially at today meeting with local correspondents.
        “We do not make tube well many more today, only renovate.”
        “In some townships, pipes out-reach areas were consumed groundwater delivery by digging tube-wells,” said U Soe Myaing, Head of the Department of Engineering (Water and Sanitation WATSAN).
        “In Yangon, individual tube-well digging was not granted, it was needed to submit document to the Human Settlement & Housing Development,” he continued.
        In order to fill and strengthen water size in some places where pipe-water delivery non-direct areas and water weak pipe-edge areas, underground water was delivered by tube-well system by Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) nowadays, there were 54 tube-wells before 1988.
        In present, there are 624 underground water extracted tube-wells in Yangon and a large seeping well which wells are consumed 20 million gallons daily excluded local dwellers’ own arranged groundwater consumption.
        Among them, 121 wells were diesel-engine used and the rest were electricity –used wells, said the Department.
        In coming summer though there was water in water-pipes in six poly storey Townships, electricity cut and volt insufficiency could not work out enough drive motor to pump water high up, 28 motor-pumping generators and 51 mobile generators were arranged, said the Department.

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