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Zaw Gyi River Barrier Dam Breakage Flooded Kyaukse
Sep 11, 2011 Source : Popular News Journal
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The Zaw Gyi River Barrier Dam breakage made 2nd time Kyaukse Flood event, said local residents.
       “27th August started flood fell on 2nd September but ascended again at 1 pm on the 5th that water flow came from primary dam-breakage,” said a local resident from Kyetmatun Quarter on 6thSeptember.
        “Due to mighty rain torrents, Nga Pyaung Dam became flooded that it was made released then the Zaw Gyi Dam broke down and flood occurred in Kyaukse,” said inhabitants.
        “Before water streams’ release, the Irrigation Department acknowledged our office in advance, therefore at 5 pm round in the evening, houses near the river, were alarmed to move out to free spots but river-by earthen dam broke out about 400 ft round, and water went into the town,” said a responsible person  from the Kyaukse Township Administration Office.
        “Though water retreat was 3 days long, persons temporary stay in Refuge were still there and water became rise gradually again,” said a Kyetmatun Quarter dweller.
        “The First Flood happened by the 4-day-rainfall almighty support by the Dam overflow. Now the Second, rainfall halt 4 days caused the flood not as bad as the former one, I think so,” he continued.
       Kyaukse is used to face flood twice per year regularly but it happened mostly in low land.
       In 2006, the flood placed almost the whole town.
        “2006 Flood was not as terrible as it was nowadays. Today lowland water height is over 6 ft. All refugees were still at camps living on donors’ meal. Besides  some children got Diarrhea and the Aged vulnerable could not stand cold and 2 died already,”  said the 10-House Head from Kyetmatun Quarter.
       Due to flood, some Quarters in Kyaukse such as Kyetmatun, Ye Su, Soo Gon and houses river-sides of 1107 and paddy-fields were flooded.
      5399 Water Refugees were staying at Refuges in the  neighbor Monasteries and Schools, was found.

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