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Do Not Let Saline The Ayarwady
Nov 08, 2011 Source : Mordern Journal
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“Fresh water flows into Ayarwady was lesser, Salty water income could be more,” said Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems.
        “River-lets flows into the Ayarwady River, was diversely stored of its freshwater in dams that increased these days reduced the size of freshwater amount input in the Ayarwady”.
        “As Upper level freshwater flows-in volume was reduced, its pressure became less; the Lower level water currents salty, flowed into Top Upper level upgraded,” said a responsible person from Directorate of Water Resource and Improvement of River Systems.
        “In more rainfall year, Salty water income in the Ayarwady, was ½ mile or 1 mile more upstream than rain-less year during summer season,” said U Khin Zaw, Union Minister for the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.
        “At Bagan-Nyaung Oo Angel Clift, there built a water pump by Foreign Country for Water Supply.”
        “Pipe may be under the river Ayarwady to absorb water it was built but in current you could see the pipe was upon the level of the river even on the Ayarwady River “Rising Tide Days”.
        “This is the proof how feeble the Ayarwady is certain,” he said.
        “From the last 27 years to nowadays, volume of river reduced but not yet a crisis for vehicles halt enough to mobile.”
       “The Department managed the best for water depth available for waterways transport and it is fine. The depth to transportation was not so changing that made difficulties for vehicles transportation of navigation,” said a responsible person from the Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems.

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