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Old Vehicles Not to Melt, Use in Option
Nov 08, 2011 Source : Mordern Journal
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“Instead of melting received old cars, they should be applicable in Rural Transport-hard areas and Use as Teaching Aid at State Technology Training Schools,” said some Tutors from Institute of Technology and Industrial Businessmen.
       “In Rural Community, Light Truck (in Myanmar Language, it is termed as “Thaw Lar Kyi”)and bullock-carts are used to be reliable.”
        “In rural appliance of old used cars with a defined limit, it would be applicable anyway,” opened his view a 40-year-old Businessperson.”
       In Domestic School and Trainings of Technology, it is hardly use of Mechanical objects to be illustrated for the students. That is why Mechano-Tech such as engine, gear-box structure working process was hard to study in practice” said some old students from Technological Training School.
       One Mechanical Businessman said, “If a person died, Doctors operated and observed the body. Just like that, old cars were moved to melt was heard. If parts engines, gears were taken off one by one and let students study in practice, may make a good teaching aid as to study them was unaffordable before, would be the Profit out of the Loss we got”.
      One Departmental officer said, “Teaching Aid or Reuse is good but Myanmar need Iron to melt even old used-cars import from aboard sharing his view on Domestic Iron Need Condition.

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