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Southern Tanin-tharyi Forest, World 2nd Max Tiger Natural Habitat
Nov 15, 2011 Source : Weekly Eleven Journal
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Southern Myanmar Tanin-tharyi Forest was defined as World Second Maximum Tiger Habitat.
       World defined Tanin-tharyi forest which sited at Myanmar-Thai Border as Tigers’ Natural Habitat. 
        “There Myanmar-Thai Border Tanin-tharyi Forest, Tigers 150-200 survival, was estimated.
        “Last January and February when Tours around in Forest Tanin-tharyi was made, 8 spots of Tiger Habitats were found. World recognized its spots”.
        “Tiger Wild Life in Tanin-tharyi Forest is the 2nd maximum of Tiger quantity in the world”.
        “The first maximum is East of Russia where 300 tigers survive there, that is first priority, Tanin-tharyi Forest, 2nd Priority,”said U Tin Than, Program Officer from WWF International Greater Maekhong Program.
       Hukawng Valley Tiger Reserve is the greatest Hukawng Valley Tiger Reserve Tiger Preserve land. Though it is the largest area, facing with tiger population so reduced that only fewer than 10 tiger remained, was found.
       In Myanmar, Indonesia Tiger and Bangladesh Tiger 2 sorts only, were found.
       Most Tigers were found at Hukawng Valley Tiger Reserve, Hta-mantji Sanctuary and  Thanin-tharyi Division.
      Totally there were 350 tigers round left in Myanmar, Thai, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in 2010.

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