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7 Kinds of Harmful Bacteria Found at Old Torn Notes
Nov 16, 2011 Source : Popular News Journal
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In Myanmar, Domestic Old Wilt Torn running money were found seven kinds of harmful bacteria, said some Yangon based Lab-technicians.
        Lab-technicians cooperatively work out and their collected old wilt torn Kyat Notes were lab tested and the following bacteria were found such as
       Aerobic Jpore Bearing Gram Position Bacilli (65%), Staphylococcus aureus (37.5%), Pseudomonas sp. (36%), Coayu-lase Nayative Staphylococci (13.5%), Enterobacter species (7.5%), Proteus sp. (1.5%).
       “According to result last, all 7 Bacteria those above mentioned 100% were maximum found in low value Kyat Old Wilt Torn Notes.”
       “At Less Wilt Notes 3 Bacteria round and at new almost Myanmar Kyat Notes Bacteria none, were found,” said lab-technicians.
       Due to those harmful Bacteria, people tend to suffer from Intestinal Infectious Diseases, Lung and Urine Infectious Diseases, Skin, Nose and Eye Infectious Diseases.
       “It is a great danger for Malnutritious people, Aged, Cancer Drug users, Chronic Sick people, Human Immune Deficient People,” evaluated a Senior Pharmacist.
       “That disease communicable conditions were found at old wilt horn notes always touched Grassroots.”
       “In students as Hygiene problem was found,” said a regular columnist Dr. from a Health journal.
       “Diseases that would be resulted from using of those bad withered notes back-lash Health and Hygiene Problems were not only in Myanmar but also happened in some countries,” said a responsible person from WHO (Myanmar).
        Nowadays some Private Banks in cities of Myanmar whoever have those bad old ones could exchange those old wilt torn notes were notified, said the Banks.

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