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Gold Search Rivers and Creeks Permitted to Conventional Searchers, Prohibit Chemical Use
Nov 21, 2011 Source : Pyi Myanmar Journal
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Though not a grant renewal of Gold Mining Permit in rivers and creeks, Families of Conventional Gold Searchers may be granted to continue their work.
       License Renewal was not allowed due to its potential impact of Waterways Deterioration, Environmental Backlash, and Chemical Toxic that were potential, was found.
       Conventional Searchers who work small scale at its affordable capability by Gold-filter sieves were Do-No-Harm to water and environment non-toxic.
        “Chemicals used in Gold mining machinery caused toxic. If chemical were input at rivers and creeks, and they may become toxic, environment may deplete.”
        “This fact needs to be aware for gold searchers as well as Gold Businessmen's Association,” said Union Minister U Win Myint for Ministry of Commerce.
        “To be aware the price stability of Gold as is also needed.”
        “To keep in touch with world current Gold Market is a need as country could not stand alone.
        “If gold price Domestic were in decrease, Black Market flow outside country, and if Domestic price increase, Black market flow into nation, Gold Business Team need to careful control.”
        “Chemical use search for gold should be supervised and License should be done by Gold Businessmen's Association,” said the Minister.
        In Myanmar, rivers and creeks, gold search was allowed along the river Ayarwady and Chindwin. According to the notification release in September by the Ministry of Mines, Gold Mining License was not renewable, was found.
       Family traditional small-scale panning for gold would still be allowed for Local residents.

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