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The Ayarwady Route Change Migrated Some Whole Villages in Yaynan Chaung
Dec 08, 2011 Source : Popular News Journal
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"Due to Ayarwady Riverway Route Change, some villages near Yaynan Chaung Township suffered from erosion within previous 5 years, and villages the whole, migration were practiced," said U Kyaw Nyein from Environmental Conservation Group.
"Ayarwady Route Change started 15 years ago around Yaynan chaung.”
“At that time, Zee Kyun Village moved year by year and at last it was moved to the West of Ayarwady due to erosion."
"Due to its Waterway Route change, from previous 5 years till today, Sule Gone and Nyang Binthar Villages near Yaynan Chaung Township, have migrated."
"Ywar Thit Kalay Village, Kyan Kai Kyun Village and Htein Chaung Villages are in the Migration Process," said U Kyaw Nyein.
"Kyan Kai Kyun Village eroded gradually last 2-3 years but still it was there."
"Ywar Thit Kalay and Htein Chaung not wholly moved yet. Houses near riverbanks start retreated. Present built houses was close enough not distant a bamboo length from river-bank," he continued.
"Migrants from Nyaung Binthar Village moved to the Valleys of the Upper Nyaung Binthar Creek , and adding its settle-ups to other villages vicinity."
Migrants from Sule Gone Village bought some land from Bogone Village Tract, facing livelihood dilemma of disappearance of plantations which they conducted on new sediment acres by erosion.
Not only had a single Route the Ayarwady River flows near Yaynan Chaung, an island sediment amid the river made dual routes of the River Ayarwady flows.
"The Ayarwady flows were not North to South near Yaynan Chaung."
"The Ayawardy flows change is between Kyan Kai Kyun Village to Ywar Thit Kalay Village West to East straight; then from Nyaung Binthar Village and Htein Chaung Village from South to Yaynan Chaung it goes today. “
"From Bo Kyun village West to normal usual route it flows again," said U Kyaw Nyein.

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