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If Yagon-Dala Suspension Bridge were built, Pipe will supply Water to Dala through Bridge
Dec 24, 2011 Source : Popular Journal
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"If Yangon-Dala Suspension Bridge were built, water pipe supply to Dala would be made through Bridge," said a senior officer from Yangon City Development.
         "The Department calculated consumption water 3 gallon per head a day, as daily need run over 2 million but in present only half of real need could be provided," he said.
          "All persons in Dala do not take water from Sibin (Yangon City Development) at every quarter."
          "Mostly Dala consume water from natural pond, not Sibin water consumption in rainy season.”
          “Sibin water was used only in summer when water dried at the only essential condition," he said.
          "In Dala, only salty water extract, so at  8 mile distant from Dala-Yangon spot, tube-well was dug to distribute water to Dala Township," he continued.
          "If the Bridge were made, there would become more houses, even nature ponds may become housing that needs to rely use Sibin-water supply."
          "Therefore the Department is making preparations to match with the update status but could not definitely say where and when to supply yet," he said.
          "As Sibin Services could not be well-done yet, Dala, Tont Tay, Kyi Myin Daing and other bank-villages were not charged tax yet," he continued.
          Dala, Aung Mingalar Quarter resident housewife lady said, "In our quarter, we use nature pond. If pond water dries, we buy water from Sibin and water sold form Yangon.
          "Tube-well extract is only salty water, so we bought water 500 Kyat per barrel.”
       “Now we buy in wood barrel that cost 600 Kyat.
          "When pond dry and no water-cart, we have to buy water sold out from Yangon 1,000 Kyat per barrel 2 years ago," he explained water consumption situation.
          “Nowadays there are 8 Tube-wells and 2 ponds of water capacity gallon 1-lakh-hold water supply in Dala,” added the senior officer from Yangon City Development Department (Sibin).


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