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Internet-cut Substitute Fiber Trend Got Linked
Dec 25, 2011 Source : Pyi Myanmar Journal
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A Fiber Trend which Internet-cut substitute was linked for a better condition of Inland Internet lines besides SEA-ME-WE 3, a standby link," said Myanmar Communication Services.
       "To India, the West of Myanmar, we have already implemented Fiber Net world Trends. If both countries Approval Extract was made, data would be shared and consumed," said a senior officer from Myanmar Communication Services.
       Present use Myanmar Asia-Europe Underwater cable communication system SEA-ME-WE weakness was repaired in Myanmar but other faults are under repair in other countries, so internet line was not in a normal position yet, was found.
       "Underwater Internet link, consumption cost less but now at the very weak moment, standby internet lines are needed.
       "After negotiation made with India, quick service is being arranged," he said.
       1,143 km (over 710 mile) far from Phyar Pon, SEA-ME-WE 3 Underwater Cable Line links, 20,000 km Channels were directly connected approximately to 33 nations.
      Cable Line Length 39,000 km (over 2438 miles) cost US $ 1434 million that Myanmar included US $ 30 million was found according to its notification.

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