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International Linked VOIP could use Early Next Year
Dec 26, 2011 Source : Modern Journal
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International Call VOIP phone cards delivery early 2012, was arranged.
          U Aung San Myat Head-In-Charge for Projects Installation Department from Yadanarbon Teleport said, “Prepaid Billing system was installed, testing finished. We will sell as fast as we could and may delivery be early next year. For purchase-friendly, One Stop sale at a minimum price,” he said.
          “VIOP could link with P fingo, Skype International links.”
          “If one would like to use VOIP phone, one must buy 2 cards, one card is ID card for VIOP use, and the other one for Money Fill card.
          “ID card would include user name and password. Phone number may include 8 digits minimum. ID card price may be 10,000 Kyat, and Money Fill card may be minimum 10,000 Kyat and above,” said a responsible person from Yadanarbon Tele Port.
          VOIP use may be installed Y Talk and could link use only with computer, was found.

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