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ACCA Student Pass Harder
Dec 28, 2011 Source : Modern Journal
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Many visitors while they visited Singapore, they apllied for ACCA School and they were avoided, was found.
       Some visitors renewed at times at their visit stay in Singapore, and when application were made for ACCA, Student Pass were denied.
       Some students visited Singapore and hunted for job. When work pass was denied, they tried for schooling and got student pass denial.
       If they were Singapore ICA recorded and if remarks were not good, Student Pass reapplication would be denied again.
       ACCA Subject course could have a 3-year-Stay, so Student Pass  could have denied on its reason followed up for applying course.
       "Students visited Singapore and applied for ICCA, Students Visa were not granted," said an Advisor from Education in Singapore.
        “According to rules and regulations of Singapore State Government, not stay in Singapore while applying Student Pass would be better.”
       "While staying in Singapore before getting Student Pass if Stay Permit full, Stay Renew was made. Then Student Pass was denied."
       "So only after Student Pass in hand, stay at Singapore is the most convenient," said a responsible person form Crown Education.
       An OESC Education Centre responsible person said, "Student Pass is still applied for coming January School Open Time."
       "The former applicants got the Student Pass. If there were not any remark at Singapore ICA, not any  hardship but  if any remark in record ICA Singapore or Black-listed or search job on a visit, Student Pass to get is not easy."
       "Some students finished with other major; eg. IT, Engineering Graduate applying ACCA at Singapore could not be illegible."
       "ICA considered attendance potential indeed or not, and those would not get Student Pass."
      "LCCI Accountant accomplished in Singapore and ACCA application, attendance is available," he said.

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