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Brass Art Works Traditionally Carrying out in Myanmar
May 05, 2011 Source : Weekly Eleven journal
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Brass Art works are traditionally carrying out well in Myanmar and a progressive Myanmar Handicraft work, said Mandalay Township Tampawady Brass Works.
“Brass Handicraft Art was emerged since Myanmar earliest Pyu Period. Brass molds including Buddha Stupas, Pyu dancer brass dolls and utensils, were excavated in old Pyu cities such as Thayay Khittayar, Han Linn, Mai Maw. Pyu Period musical instruments were made of Brass, was read.”
“Brass Art Works prosperous and famous in Bagan, Innwa, Kone Baung Period, were proved by Brass Images, Brass Bells, Brass triangular gongs, small Brass bells chiming sounded when wind blows. Traditionally inherited art was still conserved and popular nowadays. Only weapons were changed in accord with the periods,” said a Brass Artist from Tampawady Brass Works.
“There are large products of Brass manufactured by machinery and industry in neighbor country Thai. India, a prosper Brass Art country where Brass handmade products well-done in old times, Brass works are rare today. Myanmar Brass still works. Fine and hard soil such as red earth, cow manure, rice husk, etc. are based raw and handmade traditionally in Myanmar.”
“Chemical used mechanical made molds are made in Thai. In Myanmar, Padauk wood curved hand-blow stove as an old legendary Zaw Gyi stove, wind in-out system iron stoves, are used for Brass-melting process. From start to end, all images are manually produced; Brass Hand Art is valued and ordered more from abroad,” continued the artist.
“As Myanmar, the Buddha Land, the art of Buddha Image Brass Art Works could not be extinct and there are many orders from Foreign Buddhist countries. Not only Buddha Stupa, other religious images are also produced,” said U Hla Myint from Pyi Wa Brass Art Works.
“In these days big Brass images of Myanmar famous Heroes, Kings, Political Leaders, Artists, have been done traditionally. Brass weight 500-600 viss have been casted, therefore Myanmar is the only country left where big Brass images traditionally molded among other nations,” he explained.

In Today Myanmar Handicraft Brass Works, a sounded bell of India-ordered 11111 viss Brass weight, 10 feet height, 7 feet 4 inch base diameter, 10 inch base thickness, 5 inch top thickness, was traditionally well done by Brass Art Masters and over 300 workers in September last year 2010, was heard.
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