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Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise, Natural Environment Law Importance
Jan 21, 2012 Source : Modern Journal
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Invaluable Natural Resource, Oil and Bio Gas Exploration Process, Regional Natural Environment Protection and in job Security importance was found.
       Retired Geophysicist Officer General U Win May said, "In Petroleum and Natural Gas Exploration works Chemicals were used which all chemicals do harm less or more, therefore Natural Environmental Law is important. "
       "Self-control is a needy, and then workers would do in accordance with discipline," he shared his vision.
       To all Petroleum and Natural Gas Exploration works, there would be accurately drawn Laws but nowadays exercised Rules and Regulations were collectively made form 1860 to Update.
       These laws were 1911 Channel; Jetty and Yangon Municipal Laws; 1950-1951 Factory Act; 1977-1992 Marine Fisheries Law; Law on Fishing Rights of Foreign Fishing Vessels, 1973 Myanmar Hotel and Tourism law; 1994-2000 National Environment Policy; Burma Wildlife Protection Act; Myanmar Mines Law; Underground Resource and Maritime Law were based.
       Last April 2011 NCEA National Commission for Environmental Committee was organized.
      Besides Petroleum and Natural Gas Exploration and Production, the Environmental Law is important for Safeguard and Security for Public spaces and Forests Conservation also in Pipeline Services.

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