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Padaung Race seen in Bagan 215

7 Day News Journal
Feb 09, 2011
Padaung Race, rooted from Kayar Race "Kainari-Kainayar", Flying Prince and Flying Princess couple, belief of traditional, could be seen in Bagan, it is said. Two Padaungs_ daughter and mom weaving loom could be seen since early January at La Min Ein Loom-ware shop near Manuhar pagoda near Myin Kabar village. Tourist guide said, it costs $3 per tourist. Bagan residential tourist said, Tourist whoever visit and they are interested in hair-pin design and hollow brass round rings for neck beauty of Padaung seem so peculiar for tourist. Through special management made to have a visit of Padaung living style at Elephant camp near Ngwe Saung Beach in 2004-2005 due to inappropriate weather to them, they lived there only one year and they went back home. Typically, Padaung Race life-style could be toured in world famous Inle Lake villages, Myanmar, it is said.

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