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VCD performance in Switzerland by Su Pan 4641

Morning Post
Feb 15, 2011

Last week Loikaw Show singer Su Pan Htwah  made merit deeds and prayed wishes for audience in Breaking Mountain Pagoda Loikaw. Zaw Pai, Han Tun, Zan Noo, Twinkle, Pusoo, Ah Sai also performed and Pop song “Sea and Sky” from “Lack of getting along, Live close” (Ma-tai Ah Tu-nay) Series, was vocalled due to audience’ demand.
After 12th February Pakkoku Show, performing with Swan, she will take a trip to Switzerland for 2 VCDs on 15th. It is what I serve for audience with my savings; also including a visit to Switzerland, maily for VCD making,” she said.
“ Not so many songs, avoid people boreing and this trip is arranged with Woona Khwah Nee but if he were failed due to his health, I will make it by myself. Khin Lay New will accompany me. Too cold there I heard so I would make as much as I could. Mainly I aim to view audience new sceneries of new sites. As the place would be abroad, I won’t make much films to catch up with the costings. I will try my best. It may not cover the cost for Switz Visit round charges with 2 VCDs. Only my Metta and benevolence provision to audience,” she said. Though she had arranged to take films in UK, she could not make it, is heard.

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