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World Endangered Bird De-Lone (Local name)Found 80 Numbers in Myanmar 4345

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Feb 28, 2011

         World endangered species waterbird round-beak De-Lone were found eighty numbers in Myanmar” said Dr. Htin Hla, Chairman of the Myanmar Birds Society.
         This type of water-birds, round-beak only left 500 numbers in quantity in globe. Therefore Myanmar could be remarked as one of the maximum species of De-lone bird. “ The initiative face in order to identify the Moat Tama Bay as the 2nd Wetland region of Myanmar, this bird sp. is the main reason. While observing the habitat of this endangered sp., the Moat Tama Bay became under observation consecutively. 80 are viewed but they can be more” said Dr. Htin Hla.
         To conserve those water-bird round-beaks, their spot nearby Moat Tama Bay village bird-hunter livelihoods were arranged to change, was heard.
         Those birds were bred in Chukota, Northeast of Russia in Monsoon. As food is rare in winter, they migrate and hibernate. Japan, South Korea, North Korea, China, Vietnam are their migratory paths. They could be seen in Rakhine Myanmar coastal areas. To have them sustainable, we have to cooperate together with local residents,” he said. Among 113 sp. of endangered species, 51 sp. are found in Myanmar, it is said.

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