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Fresh Nature of Maung Magan Beach 4328

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Mar 01, 2011

Current public attention dart flies to Dawai @ Tavoy (Original name). This Township famous spot is Maung Magan Beach. Infrastructure in Maung Magan Beach would be implemented very soon by Italian-Thai Co. who takes main responsibility of Dawai Deep Sea Plan. Therefore natural beauty of its beach could be touched in present. Dawai to Maung Magan takes 30-40 minute drive as its distance of 10 mile around. There are hotels and their maintenance in Chaung Thar and Ngwe Saung  beaches but  not in Maung Magan, only wooden  bungalows and coconut rows with plenty shells still left for people who are interested for shell collection.
          As rocks in Maung Magan sea-beach, it is nice for swimming and after swimming in sea, you can take bath at wells nearby. Rental rate for bungalows cost is 15,000- 35,000 Kyat per night.
          There is neither a big hotel nor restaurant in Myaung Magan such as crab, clam, prawn, are served in small shops and sweet coconut liquid too at beach.  Not any vehicle as bicycles and motor-cycles in Ngwe Saung and Chaung Thar there, we can have a free beach walk. Not any industry there in beach, we can get fresh and clean air. There Maung Magan beach blooms as a wild flower for nature lovers.

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