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Floating Dead In Drain a 2 and a Half-year-old Child 4269

Weekly Eleven Journal
Sep 12, 2011

An event of a floating dead in drain a two and a half-year-old child occurred in Kamaryut Township.
        On 28th August 2011 2 pm round, the dead child’s mother who lived in 10th Quarter Hlaing Township, went to a toilet near her house. At that time her child was sitting at her house gate-door.
        After she came back, not seeing her child, she searched for hers. “First I thought just a very short time it was, he may be in house. Others were watching TV at that time not noticed him went out.”
        “Urgent I searched but glide afloat along water I never thought. As soon as I heard a child floated was saved at Aung Myay Tharsi Quarter 2 in Kamaryut after 30 min later notice he was missing, he was already dead,” said the dead two and a half - year - old child’s mother.
        “Drain in front of our house is full when it ever rains and its flow is mighty. If no rain, little water. That day strong torrents made drain full of water,” continued the dead child’s sister.
        About this event the person who saved the child said,”I am working here from the other place. On that day heavy pours halt, I saw the child aside he floated at 2 pm round. First I thought it was a baby doll but as bubble play at a glance made me save him promptly sent to clinic.”
        “When I carried him at start he struggled once then not long died at clinic,” said the person who saved him. According to Hospital record, the child’s throat was blocked with sediment,” said his mother.
        The case was opened at Kamaryut Police station.

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