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Conserve with Timber Substitutes as Deforestation Become 14% in 35 years 4343

Pyi Myanmar Journal
Oct 04, 2011

Awareness to Deforestation and Environmental Conservation Capability, Protection from unlimited wood-cutting and Protection from utility goods shortage, Myanmar Timber Businesspersons may substitute wood with “Fiber Glass”.
        According to FAO Notifications, there were forests areas 52.7% in 1975, 41% in 2010 made 14% reduction in present.
        Observations made about Deforestation displayed illegal inconsiderable timber stealing was the main cause which outcome Backlash of Climate Change.
        “To protect from Deforestation and to safeguard Natural Environment, Fiber Glass use becomes needy in spite of Timber Use in some House utilities which are not needed to use wood.”
        “It was understood and Timber Substitutes are aimed to import,” said Dr. Myo Thet, General Secretary from the Myanmar Timber Enterprise.
        Moreover International Timber Importers in order to sustainability Products outcome from Reserved Forests with Recommendations only would be purchase in coming 2013, preparations should be organized.
        “Before the End of 2011, Timber Substitute Fiber Glass would be imported. If its Display catches up with Timber and Furniture Exhibition in time, it will display or not able awareness for application would be conducted by the Enterprise.”
       “In March coming year its Exhibition is certain. This year Marketing would be made if it were not catching up with Exhibition. Say for example, Mobile Products such as Door Frames and Doors,” said an Executive Member.

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