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12th October Kyait Hteeyo Pagoda Puzaniya Festival Mountaineer Cars Over 140 4167

Weekly Eleven Journal
Oct 06, 2011

“Mon State Kyait-hto Township Kyait Hteeyo Pagoda Puzaniya Festival would be held on Full Moon Day of Thadinkyut , the Post Sabath month,” said a responsible Kyait Hteeyo Pagoda  Trustee of its Board.
       In order to start Kyait Hteeyo  Puzaniya Festival on 12th October (Myanmar month Thadinkyut), Sale Permit and Booths  have been  allocated in Tender System for food shops and shops on Pagoda platform flat plateau and around the Kyait Hteeyo Campus .
       Moreover for this year season of Kyait Hteeyo Buddha Puzaniya Festival, Motels, Hotels and Mountaineer Cars Ups and Downs over 140 would also be arranged. Mountain Roads repair was found.
        “Even Monsoon, the End of Pagoda Festival, Pilgrims transport convenience was been arranged. Big trucks for Mountaineering were also especially directed. This year 143 cars were divided into 3 Groups; 1 Group commuting for 45 days in regular route.”
        “Festival Visitor Pilgrims could also be asked for any help needy or hardship for residence and food to the Trustee Board of Kyait Hteeyo Pagoda.  They will help you as much as they can.”
        “Mountain Roads for Mountaineer Cars Ups and Downs harmless in Monsoon were renovated too,” said the responsible person.
       Though 8 months from Full Moon Day Thadinkyut  to Kason Full Moon Day is defined as Kyait Hteeyo Pagoda Puzaniya Festival, Pilgrims could also visit 4 non-festival months Nayon to Tawthalin Myanmar months.

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