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Natural Resource Existence Data Weak Enough to Estimate How Loss in Myanmar, Expert Voice 4075

Weekly Eleven Journal
Nov 15, 2011

In Myanmar, application of Natural Resource has been mainly depended for livelihood.
Those Natural Resource existing data was not known exactly yet so it could not be estimated how lost we have in present, was found.
        Myanmar not Industry-based Economy, Natural Resource-based Economy it is, and Decrease of Natural Resource is now being encountered.
        “There is plenty of Natural Resource but we do not how much they are as well as how loss we have.”
       “That would become a problem potential,” said U Tin Aung Moe from UNEP, AIT Regional Resource Centre for Asia Pacific.
        In Myanmar, Jade Excavation works, Gold Digging works were conducted in 7535 Plots at Lone Khin -Phar Kant Gemland in Kachin State.
        FDI Projects has been implemented mainly based on Natural Resource such as Natural Gas, etc.
        “We excavate Gems, sell ruby. Only we see money we get. We really had not a little expense.”
       “Moreover if Calculation were made on Environmental Impact, it is needed to ensure we do really gain the money we got from sale or not,” said U Tin Aung Moe.
        “In present Myanmar Inland, Deforestation we face due to its over-exploitation. Forests were deteriorated, forests almost are disappearing. Species become endemic,” said Greater Mekong Programme.
        “Data to be hold is needed. It there were no data, this is a loser.”
“It would  not be done by one Department, one Agency, all must be cooperated to fulfill,” said U Tin Aung Moe.

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