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Baluchaung Hydro Built by Japan 50 Yrs Ago Conduct to Use Next 50 Yrs More 4136

Weekly Eleven Journal
Nov 18, 2011

“In order to use next 50 years more, Baluchaung Hydro which Japan built 50 years ago Japan will support, the reply  was received,” said Pyithu Hluttaw Chairman Thura U Shwe Man on 41st day of First  Pyithu Hluttaw in  Second Regular Meeting.
       “To day questions were mainly stated at Electricity Supply, and there was a statement f or Rural Electricity Supply by U Kyi Thar from Gwa Township who proposed at early this month November.”
       His proposal that was discussed and confirmed was “In order to get Rural Electricity Supply, Central Level and Division Level, Rural. Electricity Supply Institution and Rural Electricity Supply Regulations would be organized to define in appropriate time,” Hluttaw confirmed the statement.
        “According to its confirmed statement, there was a request proposal by U Maung Maung Swe, Pyithu Hluttaw Representative from Namsan region very recently.”
       The Statement expressed “To conduct its IT/ ICT Development is to start from Middle Standard.”
        “In order to precede the statement, if only Electricity Light Supply were available to rural level, IT/ ICT works could be performed.”
        “Board / or Rules and Regulations Enact is essential for Rural Electricity Supply, cooperative work of related Departments of Ministries, related Pyithu Hluttaw Committee and stated U Kyi Thar for both to organize the Board and to thrive Rules and Regulations, then  after Rules and Regulations Resolution, all to conduct collectively and collaboratively become the important part.”
        “Therefore related Departments of Ministries, Hluttaw Committee, proposal-stated U Kyi Thar were requested to proceed by Hluttaw,” said Thura U Shwe Man, Pyithu Hluttaw Chairman on 41st day of First  Pyithu Hluttaw Second Regular Meeting .
       Chairman continued, “Union Minister of Foreign Affairs was on Trip to Japan.
        “While Myanmar-Japan Friendship Meeting was performed, pledge from Japan ODA Support we received.”
        “These promises were mainly focused on hereby discussion we have recently done, was found.”
        “Mainly involvement was the proposed Baluchaung Hydro Project concerned to Electricity supply.”
        “Baluchaung Hydro Power was conducted in the past 51 years ago as it produces till today Electricity install capacity flow.
        On that Myanmar-Japan Friendship Meeting day, the responsible person U Kyi Thar’s demand for “Continuous Hydro Support by ODA, it would endure next 50 years at least,” was focused and the Union Minister of Foreign Affairs while he went to Japan, got the reply from Japan that this case would be seriously cared for supply,” he said.

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