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Among Myanmar 14 Divisions & States, 13 Provide Mines Variety 4100

Weekly Eleven Journal
Dec 11, 2011

Among Myanmar 14 Divisions & States, 13 provide Mines variety as in Myanmar 350 Townships, 160 Tsp. outcome Mines variety.
        Outcome Mines were Charcoal, Copper, Nickel, Gold, Iron, Kyaut Goon (Myanmar Local Name), Oo Daun Sein (Myanmar Local Name), Jade, Platinum, Borxide (Myanmar Local Name), Khanauk Sein (Myanmar Local Name), Gypsum, Lead, Tungsten, Crystal, Zinc, Tomalin (Myanmar Local Name), Chromide, Soap-stone, Blue Soda, Enamel Stone, Kai Tu (Myanmar Local Name), Sticky earth, Diamond, tin, Manganese, Glass-made sand, Decorative stones, Phosphate, Barites, Mercury, and Zarkon sand (Myanmar Local Name), etc.
       There were mineral outcome from 15 Townships  in Kachin State, 7 Twp. in Karen State, 4 Kayar State, 3 Tsp. in Chin State, 26 Tsp. in Sigaing Division and 8 Tsp. in Tanintharyi Division.
        11 Tsp. in Bago Division, 17 in Magway Division, 16 in Mandalay Division, 7 in Mon State, 35 in Shan State, 4 in Ayarwady Division and 5 in Rakhine and 3 in Yangon Division, the above mentioned mines, were found.

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