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Yangon Urban Crowded Area Corridors No More Standing Sign Boards 3954

Weekly Eleven Journal
Jan 19, 2012

“Yangon Urban crowded area corridors, No more standing Sign Boards,” said YCDC.
        Sign Board Stands in Crowded Corridors caused people jammed to pass by, so any kind of advertisements, billboards temporary or ever on corridors wre not allowed for standing.
        “Yangon Citywide crowded areas were not allowed to stand Boards. Mainly on corridors they interfere pass by.”
        “6 Crowded Cities, eg., Yuzana Plaza, Mingalar Market. In few passers by places were allowed for Board Stands as usual,” said a responsible person.
        As allowance of Board Standing was stopped, LED Boards Advertisements, Advertisment Posters stuck on Buildings were allowed and its Advertisemeni would be applied to Yangon City Development Committee YCDC.

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