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The Faces of Rock street exhibition to be held 999

Daily Eleven
Apr 05, 2019

The Faces of Rock street exhibition by a French rock musician as well as a photographer Djavanshir Nico will be held in Yangon from April 6 to 10 at 31 street and 32nd street.

At the exhibition, photos of 13 Myanmar rockers will be shown. On the opening day of exhibition, entertainment by rock musicians will first take place. The photographer has taken photos of rockers from various fields of music such as indie, punk, and metal in last January.

These photos are in black and white. Big Bags, Idiots, Fever 109, Si Thu, Maze of Mara, No, U Turn, Extant, Han Nay Lwin lwin have participated in the photos. The fee for the exhibition is a free of charge but only 150 people will be allowed.

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