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Hlaingtharyar locals protest against frequent power outages 19

Daily Eleven
May 16, 2019
Around 500 people from Hlaingtharyar Township in Yangon staged a protest march yesterday, demanding the regular power distribution.

Chitsu Ma, leader of the protest march said: “We protest due to the power blackouts. We will march from Sanayma Bus stop to the township sports ground. Factory workers have to go to their works in the morning. It is difficult for them to cook their meals as there are frequent power outages. They have to buy meal at the shops. Criminal cases are rampant in Hlaingtharyar Township. There will be more criminal cases due to the frequent power cuts. Electricity is essential for all factories as Hlaingtharyar Township is industrial zone areas. It will have an impact on the grass-root people if the situation continues.”

Power cuts take about three hours in Hlaingtharyar Township. Factory workers do not get overtime fees due to the frequent power outages.

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