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Landslides block Hakha-Falam-Kalay road temporarily 362

Daily Eleven
Sep 13, 2019

Hakha – Heavy rain caused stones to fall and block some portion of Hakha-Falam-Kalay road near Chunkyone Village, Hakha Township, Chin State temporarily on September 11, sources said.

The stones are 41 meters (about 130 feet) in length, 12.5 meters (about 40 feet) in width and 11.6 meters (about 35 feet) in height.

“For now, smaller cars can still use the road but big cars have to wait. Authorities are breaking up the stones using mines and bulldozers,” said Aung Myint Myat Thu.

Soil under the roads in Chin State is soft and heavy rain caused landslides frequently. Road blockage is lasted for a little time as Road Department cleared the debris straight away.

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