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Medical checkup carried out on workers returning from Thai to Sagaing 455

Daily Eleven
Mar 26, 2020

MONYWA-The Health Department in Sagaing Region has been providing migrant workers returning from Thailand with medical checkups since yesterday morning.

“I officially returned from Thailand to Myanmar on March 24th through Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge No.2. And then, I received a medical checkup. Authorities at the Thai-Myanmar border helped us. Health workers are now carrying out a check-up on my family again. So, we are saved. If workers will return back home illegal, it will impact on their family but also their native. There have been many Myanmar migrant workers in the Thai-Myanmar border,” said one of the migrants.

The social welfare organizations in Monywa Township are also participating in health care activities.

Currently, the Sagaing Region Government, Regional Health Department, relevant department as well as Civic and Social Organizations accelerate preparatory works including health educative activities for COVID-19.

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